About Water Blasters

Water Blasters is a service company targetted at providing specialized hydroblasting services to civil contractors,municipalities, and pavement marking contractors. Finally, there is a company located in Eastern Ontario which services a huge portion of Ontario that specializes ONLY in pavement marking obliteration by means of water blasting. No more will you worry that by calling for a stripe removal truck are you engaging with your competitor. We come with years of experience in pavement marking obliteration and know the difficulties of the job. It seems that most of the time to shift traffic goes to the line obliteration process and could easily consume 80% of the cost of the entire pavement marking job. Now you can get in and out quicker and know that there is no large mess to deal with. Pavement marking is the last phase of most paving jobs and to get done sooner and have the traffic flowing is a win, win for all involved.

Mission Statement

To provide a service of ultra high pressure cleaning and coatings obliteration for contractors in the industrial, civil and municipal settings.
1What do we do?
By using one of the largest water blasting trucks specifically designed for pavement marking obliteration we can remove painted, thermal plastic and MMA marking from asphalt and concrete surfaces efficiently and effectively
2How do we do it?
Specially trained staff are at the controls of this 40,000 psi truck and know how to adjust for any surface they encounter.
3Whom do we do it for?
Civil contractors, municipalities, and pavement marking contractors from the greater GTA to Quebec
4What value are we bringing?
Speed, cleanliness of the job, punctual and professional results.

Meet the Hydroblaster!

The operational speed of the Hydroblaster during obliteration ensures minimal disruption and congestion for traffic and allows the public to continue their activities in the surrounding area. Each truck can remove upwards of 5000 meters before needing to reload water.